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April 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday – Volume 4


I just finished Bossypants by Tina Fey and it cracked me up.  She is extremely funny (not shocking), but also obviously very thoughtful and a great writer (also, by the way, totally fine with f-bombs.  Just thought you should know before running out and reading it to your five year old or something).   It is written as a series of connected essays, and I found myself reading several of them out loud to my husband or sending them to my mom and sister.   A fun, quick read.


I understand the Kindle opposition; I too LOVE the smell and feel of books, but I was over the moon yesterday when I discovered my dear Anne Shirley Blythe can be gotten for free for the Kindle.  Now she goes with me everywhere.  I love her.


 My newest home idea is to paint my kitchen thusly:

I kind of have a wild hair that I want to do it this weekend.  Which, check back with me on Monday because we will see.


I just read Pioneer Woman’s official confirmation that she’ll have her own show on the Food Network soon.  Wow!  See how blogging can pay off?  Two book deals, a potential movie deal, and your own tv show.  Way to be awesome, Ree!  I am sure I can anticipate the same for myself in the near future.


Today I found a recipe for cinnamon rolls that doesn’t require proofing or rising?  What?!?  I am going to try immediately.  Also, on the exactly opposite end of the spectrum, chocolate cookies with yeast.  My whole world is flipped, turned upside down.


Is the song in your head now?  One of my favorite bizarro phenomena of the modern era is that anyone of my generation (early-mid 80s babies) can sing every lyric of that song with almost no prompting at all.  It’s universal (alright, United-Statesian).


Gratuitous baby cute:

Who said I wanted to wear a bunny hat anyway?

This was taken the day she started getting roseola.  We thought she was just grumpy but she was on her way to sicky.  She’s all better now, though!

Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for hosting Quick Takes!

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April 6, 2011

Chicken “Carbonara,” or, How to Make Do With What is in the Pantry

The other night I went to make dinner and I was missing several key ingredients.  I didn’t have cream to make a creamy sauce, I didn’t have tomato sauce to make a red sauce, and I couldn’t figure out what to make with my thawed chicken thighs.  I visited Pioneer Woman for some ideas, and decided to try an extremely modified carbonara.  Using this as a starting point, I gathered together these guys:

Not shown: two eggs,  olive oil, spaghetti (or whatever long noodle pasta you like), and a couple of tablespoons of butter


First, season the chicken with salt and pepper.

Put the chicken into a deep skillet skin side down.  Let it brown really well and then flip to the other side.  Check out my new splatter shield!  Favorite kitchen gadget.  I am freakishly afraid of being splattered on.

While the chicken is cooking, dice up your onion and mince your garlic (or cheat, like me, and use the stuff in the jar).  Also, grate your parmesan cheese.  You’ll need about 3/4 of a cup. Once the chicken is done, transfer it to a plate and drain all but a tablespoon or two of the fat from the pan.

Saute the diced onion in the chicken fat and after a minute or two add the garlic as well.  Saute until translucent.

Thus endeth almost all of my useful pictures.

Go ahead and get your pasta going at this point.  I used spaghetti, cooked to the instructions on the box.

With a slotted spoon, remove the onion and garlic from the pan and add in your mushrooms.  Brown them up nicely and remove them from the pan as well.

Deglaze the pan with about a cup of wine and let it reduce til it’s almost gone, then add in a cup of stock (note: I think chicken stock would be preferable, but I was working out of the pantry and we didn’t have any).  At this point, add your garlic, onions and mushrooms back in and let simmer.

Now here’s where things get weird.  In a separate, large bowl (big enough to fit everything including your pasta) beat together your cheese and your two eggs.  As soon as your pasta is finished, drain it and dump it, piping hot, on top of the egg/cheese mixture.  Immediately add the onion/mushroom/stock sauce to the top to the bowl along with about 3 tablespoons of butter.  With tongs, briskly toss everything together for a few minutes until it all comes together and looks nice and creamy.

Top with pine nuts, more parmesan and some pepper and next to your crispy chicken and I promise, as bad as that last picture is, it was quite good!

And yes, it would have been nice to have a finished product photo here.  No, I don’t have one.  I think my camera died before I had a plate ready.  At least, that is the most likely explanation.


March 16, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Photo credit:  The Pioneer Woman

Today is my hubs’s birthday.  He is 3 cubed and he is psyched about it.  He got a composter for his birthday (yes, I am that romantic) and we are having  possibly definitely the best steak and sauce/side combo ever for dinner.  It’s going to be legendary.  PW is not messing around.  I wouldn’t lie to you.  It is spectacular and if you haven’t made it I implore you to do so.  I don’t even like blue cheese and I could put this stuff on my ice cream, it’s that good.

Try it.  Trust.

PS- Where would you be without me to guide you to these little known sites like “YouTube” and “Pioneer Woman”?

March 11, 2011


When I was pregnant I was told frequently that people would give me all kinds of unsolicited advice as a new mom (does telling one that they should be prepared for oodles of unsolicited advice count as unsolicited advice?).  I’d get told (so I was told) that strangers would accost me in grocery stores and shopping malls, wagging their fingers and tongues at me in wild condemnation of… whatever it was that I was doing.

Once I had J I did occasionally get the odd bit of advice, but more often these sweet older women just wanted to come over and smile at my little girl.

Most of them offered one piece of advice, though, and it has really stuck with me: cherish this time.  They grow up so quickly.  It goes by fast!

That same sentiment in all kinds of different ways.  My mom has said it.  My aunt has said it. PW says it.

So I’m trying.  I’m trying really really hard to remember it all and take pictures and smell baby head.  Because seriously, this little critter

is already practically a teenager.  I mean, look:

Who taught her that??



January 2, 2011

Flat Cookies

Today, this overcast but nicely winter-y first day of 2011, I decided to make some cookies.  I had been planning to make Pioneer Woman’s (“P-dubs” if you’re tight with her like I am) recipe for Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies with the substitution of some gluten-free flour for my dear friend Kattus (any celiac reading this knows I had already gone wrong in the inception stage).  They came out like this:

And to add insult to injury, can anyone guess malted milk’s number one ingredient?  Yes, that’s correct: wheat flour!  Yay!

Weirdly, though, the scraped-off bits of cookie (the only way I could get them off of the cookie sheet) are DELICIOUS.  That Pioneer Woman really knows what she’s about.

Anyhoodle, I thought this insignificant vignette might serve as well as anything for an introduction.  Hi, I’m Lacey.  I have a beautiful baby girl, a darling husband, and a joyful life.  But sometimes I forget to read the instructions.