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May 17, 2011

Pinterest Precaution

I love Pinterest.  It is the most addicting site ever.  I love pinning every pretty thing I see and keeping reminders of cool DIY projects or decorating ideas.  It is seriously the best.  However.  Last week (during the great blogging hiatus of 2011) I pinned this super pretty pair of incredibly inexpensive earrings as a reminder to myself to go back and buy them the next day.  Here they are:

So cute right?  And only $12!  But!  After I pinned those earrings I went to bed, blissfully ignorant of what would await me in the morning.  My pin went viral (Pinterest-style) and got repinned a ton.  When I went back the next day to buy the earrings they were… wait for it… SOLD OUT!  So learn from me, dear friends: if you want to pin something, buy it before you pin it.

PS- If you want a Pinterest invite, let me know.  It is still invite-only, but it is easy to invite people.  You’ll like it.  Fair warning, though: super addicting.

March 16, 2011

Makeup Tutorials

I love makeup tutorials on YouTube.  There. I said it.  I love them so much my husband thinks I’m crazy.  I honestly don’t even know why.  I just find them mesmerizing.  All my favorites are ones where the artists are from the UK or Australia, so maybe we can chalk it up to my love of makeup + my love of England/accents.

In case you’ve never seen one, this is the gist:


I actually went out and bought the eyeshadows she talks about after watching this one.  Gorgeous!  I also love Lisa Eldridge and Amysass7 and many others.

I have  literally no comment to make on these other than that I love them.  That’s all.  Little window into my psyche.