Playdate {pretty, happy, funny, real}



This is going to be a “funny, real” installment.  My little Jelly Bean recently had her first “real” playdate (all the others being more excuses to hang out with my girlfriends than opportunities for J to play with other babies, her being unable to hold up her torso and all).  The girls sat facing each other and stealing one another’s toys and squeaking at each other, which was adorable, and generally having a good old time.

What we did not take into account, however, was the fact that my hubs has recently taught J a game called “Baby Attack” in which he sits the baby on his chest and lets her fall forward and gnaw on his chin, nose, cheekbone, and whatever else she can get her chubby little hands on.  It’s hilarious but she is STRONG and will happily chew on your face with full force.

Now, you, being a rational human, have already figured out what was bound to happen here but it took us a little longer.  First, J grabbed little L’s pacifier leash and chewed on it for a while.  After she had lulled us into complacence, she did some sort of baby kung fu move and toppled L in one fell swoop, diving in and grabbing her head in a truly masterful round of Baby Attack.

We have taught her well.

I’m sure they’ll come back again one day.  Once the gum-marks have faded from her forehead, that is.

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18 Comments to “Playdate {pretty, happy, funny, real}”

  1. So cute! Baby Attack is a fun game for all babies!

  2. Very funny. And very real! 🙂 A couple of weeks ago we had our monthly homeschool group potluck. My eager 16 month old was happy to see the 7month old baby sitting on the baby blanket and HAD to greet her with a body-slamming hug. Poor little mite–she was less than impressed with my 28lb toddler’s enthusiastic greeting.

    • Too funny! Actually, now that you mention it, J has been on the receiving end of some very enthusiastic 18 month old hugs, as she has a cousin who loves her and is just that age.

  3. I love babies playing!

  4. Oh how adorable! What a great capture!

  5. Yes you taught as well as the rest of us taught our own. LOL! I am sure she tasted sweet!

  6. This is cute! Funny! and Pretty :o)

  7. oh, what a laugh I just got from this post. That is so cute. Having a 10 mo old daughter I can absolutely imagine her being both the attacker and attackee. Oh they are so precious when they’re little.

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