Potpourri ~ {phfr}



She’s so pretty!

Is the mom-gushing too much?  I seem to have lost all capacity to tell.


So sorry to rub in this California weather, but LOOK at my basil!  Look at it!  Pesto is in my immediate future!  This is happy-making indeed.


One of the great things about our big family (besides all the love and supportiveness…) is that there is almost no need to buy any baby toy, ever.  We recently got a standing wobble saucer thing that J loves to play in on loan/hand-me-down from a family member.  It had been in the garage so we cleaned it all up and washed it lovingly, all except one stuffed dinosaur thingy that couldn’t be removed, but it isn’t that dirty, after all and anyway it is high up on the side and too hard for her to reach right now.

Famous last words.


This is about as real as it gets:

Oh my.  Does anyone have baby clothes drawer organizing tips?  I have organized and re-organized this dresser at least once a month since J was born, and yet every time after about a week it goes native again.

Happy Holy Week!  Can’t believe it’s already Thursday.

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34 Comments to “Potpourri ~ {phfr}”

  1. No, your not gushing at all 🙂 And I’m totally jealous of the basil!

    • Mine is seriously going crazy. That’s just one of about 10 plants we have… I am afraid we’re going to have pesto filling up our freezer come August.

  2. The beautiful pink cheeks! I just stared and stared. What a lovely baby!

  3. baby drawer tips- nope- except try to only have her size in the actual drawer- keep every thing packed away and check every 2 weeks of so for clothes that are now in her size. Then pack away too small clothes for the next baby 🙂

    • That’s a good tip. I have sort of a co-op going on with my sisters in law. We each have a girl baby all about a year apart. The next one is coming next week!

      I need to be better about cleaning it out for outgrown clothes more frequently… that is the key I think!

      • I just keep a box (like the nice big ones the wipes from Costco come in) in the room, so that when I put on a piece of clothing that no longer fits, I just put it in the box right away. When it is full I label the age (and gender just in case) and pack it away. You can always put the box in a closet when company comes (or not… you’ve seen my mess!)

  4. Too much mom-gushing? No such thing! And besides, she’s beautiful, so it’s all proportional. Such pretty embroidery on her little outfit, too!

  5. Such a beautiful baby. I would be gushing too!

  6. She really *is* cute!! Awfully. (I can’t even keep my own drawers in order.)

  7. I was just hoping to ‘bump’ into someone who knows about growing basil in warm climates. We have bushes like that but about 30 of them. Some are starting to flower. Can I still keep plucking leaves after the plant flowers? Do you know how to harvest the seeds? Sorry to overwhelm you but my gardening books all talk about ‘first frosts’ and such. I live in Africa…

    • Oh dear. I will make my husband come on to answer you better because my gardening skills are limited to “Put in ground. Water.” However, I know he has told me that you have to pinch the flowers off because it stops growing properly once it has flowered.

      • Hi again Amy!

        This was my hubby’s reply: I have never seeded basil plants before, but here is how you do it: When you are done pruning your basil you can select a plant or two to be seed plants. Stop pruning the flowers, and let it grow. They should produce long flowers and seeds. You can let them dry out right on the plant. Some people have even left them over winter. Last year we let ours go dormant and it rebloomed again in the spring.

        May I also add if you’d like some seeds next winter (in order to spare yourself some trouble) we will gladly send you some!

  8. You need the little fabic covered boxes that are for drawers, you fit them in like a puzzle, some are big and some are small. Lauren had them in her dresser, and they work great. They would help contain the baby clothes, I will see if I can fine some for you. Love, Mom

  9. She is beautiful!

    The dresser draw thing stumps me too … Have 6 daughters and we have never managed to keep any of their dresser drawers organized or mine either. We just make sure it is pushed in enough to be closed and clean it out every so often.

  10. Your daughter is lovely. I like the choice of headband and outfit – totally looks like something I would put on my girls 🙂

    I have the same problem with organizing baby clothes. We are cramped with space right now so I just have a hanging down closet thingie that goes in our bedroom closet (you know what I’m referring to?) and I have to constantly re-organize the clothes in there. Drives me kind of nuts actually, but I can’t think of a better way. Looking forward to moving into a new house where there is more space and I was thinking of using little baskets with labels or something.

    • Are you guys moving locally or far away? I saw that you have an impending move and I felt some stress for you (although it is very fun to move… just a bit daunting!).

      I actually made the headband… pretty proud of my incredibly minor craft skills. That was her “Oscar night” outfit. We always have a little party so I found the only gold thing I had and put it on her!

  11. I have five girls and one boy. The girl clothes are definitely harder to organize! I second the reader to mentioned keeping a “too small” container going… I do that in the laundry room and toss items in as they come out of the dryer. I organize drawers: tops, bottoms, outfits it’ll kill me to separate, and socks/pjs/undies. Your baby is gorgeous and your basil made me want to move to California ;).

    • The basil is a pretty awesome perk, but think of the traffic if you need something to ease the urge. I think I need to organize by drawer as you mention. Good thought. I have been trying to arrange outfits by pile and it just isn’t working.

      @Carrie– Good idea!! I will get one going!!

  12. Hi! Found you through Auntie Leila 🙂 Just wanted to tell you that I can see we are going to be friends. I usually “forget the flour” too. 🙂

  13. Another Leila fan!! Shame on me, I am behind on my google reader, and I hadn’t a clue about their fun new {phfr} linkup. Thanks for letting me know about the important stuff going on out there on the internet!

    Your baby is beautiful! And so is your basil, in a very different way, of course! I’ll have some too–in three months!!

    • Well you are quite welcome! You’ll have to join in next time!

      And thank you… we think she’s pretty cute. I’d gladly send you some, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be quite as nice by the time it got to you. I hope you enjoy yours lots when it comes in!

  14. great pics! I always just did one drawer per item. You know, tops….bottoms…..and so on.

  15. Such a cute baby!!!

    The draw: my (2) children each have one shelf, plus a shared basket for socks/undies. On their shelf I do a stack of leggings/pants and a stack of shirts and another stack of undershirts. It works for us. 🙂 Hope you find the right system for you!! I have a friend who uses little baskets on a book shelf, one basket per type of clothes….socks/leggings/shirts, etc. 🙂

  16. hello fancy pants,
    just wanted to do a drive by and let you know –
    your blog is all kinds of lovely!
    That is all. exohexoh

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