7 Quick Takes Friday



This is my very first Quick Takes as a new blogger. Feels good.


Are they supposed to be that short? Jen’s are never that short.



Alright, I can do this. We’re having a bocce ball tournament for the hubs’s birthday on Saturday. I plan to win and win big.


The baby has been super gassy the last few nights. I read so much conflicting information about whether what I eat has any effect on her digestion that I haven’t really spent time charting what happens to her when I eat certain foods. Is there any reason a four month old would suddenly have an increase in gas?


I had thought I would struggle finding topics to blog about given that I don’t have a very clear-cut “theme” here (it’s not specifically a mommy blog, or a religious blog, or a food blog), but that has not turned out to be the case. I have a list of posts I want to write and the list keeps getting longer. This Quick Takes is not included in my inspiration rush, obviously. I just noted I wanted to write a Quick Takes post, but didn’t indicate what I might include therein. I think we can all agree this was a mistake.


Phew! Made it to 7. Has anyone seen The Adjustment Bureau? I really want to see it for some reason but have heard no word of mouth and haven’t gotten around to reading any reviews.

Happy Friday to everyone! I, for one, am thrilled for the weekend (I’m all about controversial and rebellious statements like that. It’s how I roll.)!


6 Comments to “7 Quick Takes Friday”

  1. 🙂 I come up blank some weeks, too. Sometimes I start the post early in the week and write them one take a day. 🙂 It’s a much easier post that way!

  2. That is a VERY good idea! I will try it next week =)

  3. I use 7 quick takes to be a little lighter and also to share more personal things in my life. i hope you enjoy doing them as much asi do and thanks for coming by!

  4. I’m sensing a theme. First you post #5 on this list and then you leave a note about gassy bananas. Hm. I don’t suppose baby J has been eating an unusual amount of bananas lately?

  5. I know how you feel — I almost didn’t do quick takes this week. Then I figured, I have to be consistent at something, even if it is so early in blogging for me. Welcome!

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